My name is Luana a graphic designer who became first time mum in 2019. I found pregnancy really really hard.

As my body grew, I felt ligament pain. Sharp and intense. I broke down in tears in front of my husband and parents as I realised that I can't even deal with these imagine when it came to birth. KGHypnobirthingwas life changing for me. From day one, I used the breathing techniques to help with these pains.

By the time I finished the course I realised that one of the most powerful tools from it was the positive birth affirmations. I memorised and believed every single statement. It kept me positive and I finally started enjoying my pregnancy.

During pregnancy you hear unwanted, scary, damaging remarks. Get Off My Back rose out of that negativity. This should be a place to keep you positive before, during and after those hard times. I've put sweat, blood and tears incodingthis site to launch it now amid the Corona virus pandemic, to try and help a little bit.